You Deserve Wireless Without Limits

SFone Wireless Connects You to The World with 5G for FREE.

SFone Wireless has partnered with Cintex Wireless, a leading provider of FREE cell phone service through the federal Lifeline program, which now gives millions of Americans access to the largest 4G LTE/5G network. If you are eligible, you can enjoy FREE monthly Data, Talk, and Text on a stronger network, with greater coverage.

  • UNLIMITED FREE Talk & Text
  • UNLIMITED FREE Picture Messaging
Tested Reliability

Tested Reliability

Our 5G network is the largest in the nation, connecting you to the world.

Greater Capacity

Greater Capacity

Increase Data capacity and make your connection faster.

Increased Speed

Increased Speed

Access Data, stream, and download at an accelerated pace with 5G.

How 5G Will Work for You

The Right Phone

You'll need a 5G capable phone to experience all the 5G benefits. Do you already have a phone you want to bring to SFone Wireless’ network, but not sure if it's 5G capable? No worries, you can call your current carrier to check your phone’s compatibility.

The Right Area

Some areas currently have a stronger 5G connection, so you'll automatically connect to that network when there. If you happen to be in an area that is still under 5G construction, you'll continue to use the 4G LTE network you always have. There's no work to be done on your end - it's all on us!

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Qualify automatically through government programs or based on your household income.

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